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Deluxe Trip - to make any day memorable.

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Our Deluxe Trip

Can be arranged for one or more days of trip, or for the whole duration;

No guide present, no time wasted;

We provide you how-to instructions & where-to suggestions in advance;

We will take care of all of your bookings so you can focus on your experience;

You will have a dedicated point of contact you can always reach out to in case of need.

Deluxe Trip includes

Delivering location based daily suggestions;

Restaurant choices;

Paths to follow through the trip - to see the most in the shortest time;

Information about current events - according to your passions & interests;

Point of Contact - in case you require any assistance;

Activities booking - we book & you enjoy it;

Accommodation booking - we book & you relax;

Transfers booking - we book it & you travel.